Gaviscon Infant

Helps to prevent gastric reflux and regurgitation.

Product Features

  • Oral powder suspension

Available in: Gaviscon Infant 30s (2mg sachets).

Product Description

Gaviscon Infant helps prevents reflux, where the stomach contents seep back up the oesophagus (food pipe). It contains two ingredients derived from seaweed called alginates. It works by thickening the baby’s stomach contents so that the milk is more difficult to regurgitate.

Treatment with Gaviscon Infant helps to significantly reduce how often a baby brings up milk and also makes the reflux less severe.¹ The number of times a baby is sick can be reduced by nearly two thirds by using Gavison Infant.¹


1. Miller S. Curr, Med Res Opin. 1999;15(3):160-168.

Available through pharmacy only.

Sodium alginate and magnesium alginate.