Terms and Conditions - Gaviscon Christmas 2021 Promotion


Gaviscon Christmas 2021 Promotion

Terms and Conditions

1. The Promoter

Reckitt (Australia) Pty Ltd, L47 680 George St, Sydney NSW 2000. Ph:1800 022 046

 2. Terms of Entrya) Competition entries can be made from 9.00am AEST on 26 November 2021 until 11.59pm AEST on 31 December 2021 through the Promoter’s websites;www.gaviscon.com.au/win Entries received outside the Competition period will not be eligible or accepted.  b) Entries that are incomplete, illegible or indecipherable will not be valid and will be deemed void.c) Entry is conditional upon entrants spending $20.00 AUD or more on any product (excludes prescription items) in store or online at any Chemist Warehouse, keeping transactions in the form of a valid purchase receipt number. d) The Promoter takes no responsibility for entries that are lost, stolen, illegible, misdirected or damaged however caused.e) Submitting an entry constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.f) Multiple entries by eligible entrants are accepted, subject to entrants holding multiple proofs of purchase with different valid purchase receipt numbers.  3. Who May Entera) The Competition is open to Australian permanent residents over 18 years of age. b) The Competition is not open to:i) Employees of the Promoter;ii) Parties to whom the Promoter has contracted work in relation to this Competition;iii) Parties who are otherwise directly involved with this Competition; andiv) Any immediate family members or any of the abovementioned parties. 4. Prizea) The prize consists of one (1) Visa Gift Gard to the value of $2000.00 AUD. b) The prize awarded by the Promoter is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any valuable consideration, in particular for money. Any attempt to sell the prize or attempt to exchange the prize for valuable consideration, will result in the cancellation of the prize. The Promoter has the sole and absolute discretion to decide such matters. 5. Selecting the Winnersa) The competition winner will be selected at 3.00pm AEST on 4 January 2022. b) All Competition winners will be randomly drawn. The Competition will be drawn at L47 680 George St, Sydney NSW 2000c) The Competition winner will be notified by email by 5.00pm on 6 January 2022. Whilst the Promoter will use its best endeavours to contact the winner within the abovementioned time, the decision not to award an entrant who cannot be contacted a prize is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Promoter, and can be made at any time after the Competition winner have been selected.d) If the prize is unclaimed, the Promoter will re draw at 11am AEST on 10 January 2022 at the same location as the original draw. The unclaimed prize winner will be notified via email within one business day and published at www.gaviscon.com.au/win within 8 days of acceptance of prize. e) A person purporting to be a prize winner may be required to provide proof of identity and to verify any other eligibility requirements.    6. Publication of winner’s detailsThe Promoter will publish the Competition winners on the following websites www.gaviscon.com.au/winwithin 8 days of acceptance of the prize and that information shall remain posted there for at least 28 days.  7. Privacy and use of personal informationa) In accordance with the Privacy Act (1988) (Cth), the Promoter notifies entrants that entry to the Competition involves the collection of personal information about entrants, such as their name, address, mobile phone number and email address.  This is collected for the purpose of establishing eligibility, carrying out the Competition and notifying the winner.  If the information is not provided, the entrant may not participate in the Competition.  Entrants’ personal information may be disclosed to State Lottery agencies and winner’ name published as required under the relevant lottery legislation.  b) Each entrant consents to the Promoter using their personal information provided in connection with their entry, for the purposes of undertaking any investigation in connection with verifying the identity of an entry or any suspected tampering.  c) Each entrant consents to the Promoter and its authorised licensees using the entrant’s name, likeness, image and/or photograph and voice in the event that they are the winner, in any media for an unlimited period of time, without remuneration or compensation, for the purposes of promoting the outcome of this Competition.   8. Discontinuation of the Competition or Disqualification of an Entranta) Subject to approval from the relevant authorities; The Promoter reserves the right to discontinue the Competition at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion may cancel, terminate or modify the Competition without the need to provide compensation to entrants or attempted entrants.b) The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion to verify the validity of entries and entrants and to disqualify any entrant who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or who tampers with (or whom the Promoter reasonably suspects has tampered with) the entry process or the winner selection process or who has otherwise been misleading or fraudulent in the course of the Competition. 9. Exclusion of Liabilitya) The Promoter makes no representation nor provides any warranties as to the quality or suitability of the prizes offered.b) The Promoter is not responsible for any losses associated with any change to the value of any prizes.c) To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter is not liable for any loss suffered or sustained by any person or to personal property including, but not limited to, consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, by the Promoter or its servants or agents, in connection with the arrangements for the supply of any goods or services by any person to the prize winner and where applicable, to any person or persons accompanying the prize winner.d) The Promoter’s decision on all matters relating to this Competition will be final.e) The Promoter is under no obligation to provide reasons for any of its decisions.f) The Promoter is under no obligation to engage in any form of correspondence whatsoever with entrants or purported entrants, or their representatives, in any matters relating to the Competition.